The Newlands real estate area is one of the most beautiful and established neighborhoods in Boulder. It was originally developed by the Newlands family back in 1847 as an apple orchard. As you walk along these beautiful, scenic streets, you can still see some of the original apple trees today! the majority of the homes in the area were built in 1920. Most of the remaining lots didn’t come in until the 1940’s. Obviously the neighborhood has changed a lot since those days.

Newlands Home Prices

Because of the desirable location and number of families that have come in and bought an older home, scraped it, and then built their dream luxury home, it isn’t that uncommon to see old ranch homes that are situated right next to a newer, $2.5 million home. With that, the price range you can expect to see in this area is from around $700,000 to $3 million. On the low end, that’s the price you can expect to pay for one of the older 1920’s era ranch homes. The average sales price you’re going to see runs around $1.3 million. If you’re looking to buy a home raise a family or already have a couple of kids, you can look to spend around $2 million.

The Newlands Neighborhood is a part of the acclaimed Boulder Valley School District; home to Foothill Elementary, Casey Middle and Boulder High School.

Depending on where you choose to buy Newlands real estate, you can easily walk to Downtown Boulder and you can definitely ride a bike. It  borders on the west side of Ideal Shopping Market, so no matter where you live in this area, you’re near some of the finest shopping and dining Boulder has to offer.

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