Mapleton Hill

The Mapleton Hill neighborhood in Boulder is one of the most popular, scenic areas to live. Mapleton Hill is also one of the oldest neighborhoods in Boulder. Established in the late 1880s’s, there are just over 500 homes in this neighborhood. Most homes were built between 1880 and 1890. If you’re a fan of Victorian and Queen Anne luxury home style architecture, Mapleton Hill has some great options for you.

Mapleton Hill Home Prices

Prices range from $600,000 for a newer property to around $3 million, and as much as $6 million for one of the gorgeous, renovated older homes in the Mapleton Hill area.  Even if you’re looking at one of the older properties, you won’t have to worry about amenities as most of the properties have most likely been renovated with up to date appliances and utilities over the years.

Find Out More About Mapleton Hill

Mapleton Hill is in an extremely walkable location. Not only would you be living right near Pearl Street Mall, Mapleton Hill is also one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Boulder. When the neighborhood planners build up the area, they planted a lot of silver maple and cottonwood trees along the streets. So during the hot summer days, there’s plenty of shade and during the fall when the leaves turn colors, the views are magnificent.

Mapleton Hill is home to Whittier International Elementary, Casey Middle, and Boulder High School, and there are a number of private and charter schools in the area as well.

With it’s historical roots, scenic beauty, fantastic schools, and access to some of the best shopping and outdoor activities, Mapleton Hill is a desirable area to live.

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