The Holiday neighborhood is located in North Boulder, which means it offers easy access to a number of trails and wilderness areas making a it a perfect fit for nature-lovers who don’t want to sacrifice the convenience of city living. Perhaps best of all for the eco-conscious is the fact that the neighborhood has been touted as a model of sustainable and affordable living and development both in terms of its residences and businesses. In short, a lot of care has been taken in the planning and development of the Holiday neighborhood to ensure that a strong sense of community. A concern for one’s environment has become second nature to the residents which is why it has become known as a unique neighborhood with a tightly knit community feel.

Holiday: The New North Boulder

When people describe the Holiday neighborhood, no word is used more than “new” and with good reason: the community has been recently developed and the housing stock is both new and beautifully appointed. The design and architecture of all the single family homes, condos, cohousing and town houses bespeak a concern for the environment while offering buyers modern, contemporarystyle that is not easy to come by.

Holiday Home Prices

Holiday is all about building a sense of community for its residents which is why affordability is one its key tenets. The average cost of a single family home in Holiday would be in the range of $600,000 and one could expect to find condos and town houses for around $350,000. In addition, the planners of this Boulder, Colorado neighborhood also made sure to include a number of live-work arrangements to increase sustainability reduce the impact of vehicle emissions due to commuting and enhance the sense of community in the neighborhood.

Holiday is a fantastic place to call home because of the lifestyle, proximity to Boulder, and community feel. Call me at 720-323-8460 today to find your dream home!


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